Sports Clothing and the Influence on Fashion

Over the years the progression of specific sports clothing has evolved to accommodate sporting disciplines from a functional standpoint and also as a fashion statement. In actions sports as an example, apparel and footwear design and functionality are influenced by the sport itself, the growing importance of fitness relating to these sports and the beach going ocean lifestyle. Some garments are designed and more specialized to the activity such as wetsuits, tracksuits and form fitting wear such as what is used by track and field athletes and swimming while clothing such as tee shirts and flip flops have evolved into fashion trends largely influenced by many sports such as surfing, wakeboarding and other sports in general.

Fashion in sports clothing offers a diverse range of style as a result of influence, culture, modern media and geography ranging vastly from exclusive and expensive to thrift store grunge.

Influence of sport and culture on sports clothing

Unique cultures and styles in sports clothing evolved as a result of sport and its influence on our society. Sports such as surf, skate the ever-growing kiteboarding and also wakeboarding have had a significant impact worldwide as a way of life as well as a way of fashion. Media, the advent of the web and a general fascination by society of these sports has influenced the growth and global phenomenon of sports clothing relating to these activities resulting to in larger sporting contracts and international designers joining the movement.

The variety of Sports Clothing

There is variation to what is referred to as sports clothing. Its function serves primarily as fashion, an expression of ones personal taste and style or, as what has become more easily accessible and affordable, clothing designed o support athletic movement. Sports in general have had a significant influence on casual wear but also these garments specific to athletic movement and function have also influenced casual wear or where sports specific wear has become accepted

The changing world

The world of sports clothing is constantly changing to accommodate trends in fashion but also requirements, demands and development of fabric technology used in a specific sport and also physical training. Traditional as well as functional is now becoming commonplace for many brands in what they have evolved to and stand for. We are seeing a movement by these traditional streetwear brands towards the sports performance sector relating to these sports, where athletes are now incorporating specific training regimes into the year long programs to support and better the respective disciplines. Sports specific, sweat wicking sports clothing relevant and strongly supporting brand image has become an extremely popular and important segment of the clothing market.