Sports Recovery Pads

What are they:

Sports Recovery Pads are all natural, herbal foot pads, worn at night (~8hrs) to help with your soreness and recuperation time. Based on ancient herbal remedies from Japan, the pads are an easy to use product that can support your hardest training methods.

What to Expect:

Deeper sleep, more energy and clarity when you awake. Improved circulation and stimulated reflexology points help reduce soreness and systemic exhaustion as a result of oxidative stress associated with exercise. Always drink lots of pure water and ensure sufficient sleep to compliment the results of training response from any exercise program.!

How often should I use them:

As a athlete you know that the training before an event and immediate recovery is just as important as the event itself. Sports Recovery Pads help with fatigue induced as a result of competing or training and allows for improved recuperation time and getting you back in training. Depending on the level of activity and body weight, one pad on each foot simultaneously is optimal (men +150lbs) but alternating a single pad daily will also provide benefits in recovery and circulation. Sports Recovery Pads should be placed on the under part of foot (as per directions in package) preferably during sleep hours for up to 8 hours.


Where are they from:

Made by Body Pure in Los Angeles California.


Better training efficiency allows for better performance

Better sleep patterns allow for better overall training efficiency

The all natural alternative to chemical based soreness creams & patches.


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Based on ancient herbal remedies from Japan, Sports Recovery Pads are an easy to use product that can support the most extreme and demanding training methods.


Health and fitness enthusiasts continually look to improve performance through consistent training; one of the most important aspects of training should be recovery. The idea behind recovery is to allow your body to absorb the workload from the various training sessions. This is where the correct eating habits can assist you in speeding up your recovery. Just as we have optimal training, you should have optimal recovery (Recovery Pads compliment and are most effective when used in a program with good nutrition, hydration and rest)

“Consistency is the key to results”…Phil

Make sure to back up your fitness regimen with Sports Recovery Pads and go the distance in and out of competition.

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