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After the years of knowledge accumulated in competing in sports and with a very keen interest and motivation from a very young age to learn, better and understand fitness Landman has created a philosophy toward training that he now employs in the very result orientated fitness programs designed for his clients. Landman utilizes this sports performance based approach which through demanding yet structured routines allows for efficient, challenging, invigorating and engaging workouts which appeal and cater for all levels of fitness and experience, from the pro athlete to the weekend enthusiast looking to improve their own level of performance. The primary objective is a goal of creating longevity in achieved results and also a permanent lifestyle change toward health and fitness achieved through strength, endurance, postural and functional fitness exercise routines emphasizing physical but as well as mental and emotional health and well-being.

Athlete Inspired Human Performance


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The Drippingfit concept is performance training. It was created as a division of the Drippingwet Inspired by Sport Apparel Co to support the concept of the brand – pursue personal aspirations in health and fitness through courage, purpose and passion.

Cross-training – Functional Fitness – Conditioning – Sports Specific

 Boxing РBoardriding РAgility РBalance РCore


Utilizing Training methods and Landman’s knowledge and experience from overseeing and managing the strength and conditioning program for boxers including the up and coming Australian heavweight Trent Rawlins and world champion Miguel Cotto for several years and also cross training techniques and training methods tailored and influenced by his personal experiences and participation various sports (primarily boardsports and cycling). The resulting training programs are catered toward:


Training programs for the everyday fitness enthusiast

– Various intensity circuit and sports based routines
– Challenging, invigorating, effective
– Achieve weight loss goals
– Create healthier nutritional and lifestyle habits.

Pro Athlete, celebrity or anyone with targeted fitness goals

– Functional programs suited to sport
– Specific conditioning and fitness
– Targeting goals for specific event
– Customized programs for any enthusiast
– Customized programs to develop/better athletic performance

Surf fitness and group or private lessons

– Small Groups
– Tailored to a unique surf experience
– Intro lessons combined with an intro to general surf fitness
– We incorporate land based exercises to improve the surf experience


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